Friday, December 3, 2010

My Sunday Feeling

(via Melody Jasmine)
My Sunday Feeling is a label by Melody Jasmine that boasts multiple collections of the most flattering and whimsical dresses, skirts and tops that you could ever wish to find. Tapered hemlines, ruffled shoulders, intricate detailing and open backs are just a few of the elements that you can expect from the label. Better yet, these handcrafted gems are all one-off pieces, so you'll never have the worry of being caught in the same outfit as others. I can honestly say that each piece offered is unique and certainly something that I haven't seen elsewhere. You can check out Melody Jasmine's collections from the label 'My Sunday Feeling' on Facebook or you can head straight to her website. Good luck deciding on your favourite, it took me at least an hour of browsing before I had narrowed it down to my top three.. 

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