Sunday, September 5, 2010


I'm sure at least some of you have had that feeling of wanting to purchase something purely on the basis of it being excessive/almost too quirky? If not, maybe it's just me? My irrational urge to purchase extravagant items came across the most ridiculous (note: ridiculous in a good way) dress that I would never even wear and probably wouldn't be able to afford anyway. In saying that, I still drool over it and wish I had it in my hot little hands. Exhibit A:
It is the Aqua Teequin Mesh & Sequin T-Shirt Dress that you can purchase here from Enough of the crazy ideas of purchasing large squares of sequins to drape over your body and onto my slightly more rational side. I found a dress that I saw a while ago on Pixie Market (where it had sold out) for a more affordable price, but in a different colour. They had been selling the style in a lovely cream colour but I found it after it was all too late. In saying that, the navy colour they have on offer is still quite appealing and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to move my mouse off the "add to cart" button. I'll let you view the dress in all of it's glory, the cream (but sold out) version first.
The more I consider this dress, the more I actually realise that maybe the navy would have been a better purchase anyway. For example, it's much more practical due to the fact that it's darker and also it would add some colour to my wardrobe. If you can't tell, this is me trying to reason with myself, yet again, and talking my way into purchasing something I probably don't need but desperately want.
Ok, I should definitely stop now before I end up purchasing an entire wardrobe's worth of clothing. Oh and by the way, Spring has arrived in Sydney. Not just fashion wise, but also weather wise. The weather we're getting is so delightful and warm. It's that perfect combination of sunshine light wind with just a pinch of humidity (not too much or I'd end up with an afro). Ok, I'll stop typing now. I promise.

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