Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I spent last Sunday trawling through the Rozelle Market stands trying to find myself something different. I've been  looking for a necklace or even a ring that consists of a raw crystal, regardless of the colour. The inspiration came from Billy Bride, who create the most stunning rings out of natural crystals.
While I was there, I managed to find one particular stand that sold the raw crystals, although, simply on their own. I was tempted to buy some and ask some friends (who are currently studying the art of making jewellery) to set them in silver for me. However, I knew that it would not only be very time consuming but it would also be asking a lot from my friends. So instead, I persisted on my hunt and stumbled upon a stall selling tribal jewellery. While I was there, I found a pendant made of black taurine and from the same stall, I treated myself to a beautiful turquoise stone ring.
I apologise for the terrible images, there wasn't much daylight left for me to actually take decent photographs. Oh and I forgot to mention that I now have an ABN (Australian Business Number), which means that in the eyes of the government, I am in fact my own business. Now I can actually say that I'm a photographer without feeling like I'm lying. Also, I do plan on heading back to the markets this coming Sunday to purchase myself some crystals to set myself and to also hunt down a Pentax film SLR that I regrettably didn't purchase last time.

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